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BAROQUE is the latest release for the gents from CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture and this outfit sets the tone for a sumptuous feast of decadent fabrics and intricate embellishments!

First introduced at the 2012 Mister Virtual World Pageant for the formal costume of Miko Scorpio Mister Greece, BAROQUE can now be yours — and the possibilities you will have with this stunning couture are many!

BAROQUE comes to you in your choice of Beige or White, and both are the perfect choice for that formal occasion, whether it be a wedding, a ball, or an event where you want to be noticed!

Authentically rich textures provide the perfect background for the entire look.  Your celebration of spirtuality and opulence begins with the shirt and gorgeous long jacket with gloriously detailed accompaniments.   A high-collared, button-down shirt is worn under the luxuriously textured jacket.  Your eyes are drawn to the bow tie with a twinkling center which hugs the shirt collar.  The jacket is further detailed with a decorative toggle fastener and buttoned prim cuffs.

Yards of sheer organza lie on top of two magnificent shoulder pieces cascade down both the front and back. A separate impressively bold collar piece with a beautiful front satin fabric cradles your head and fits just inside the shoulder pieces. And we are not done yet!

The trousers are form fitting with lower prim pieces, pocket detail, and, of course, made of the same lavishly textured fabric. A matching belt with ornate toggle fastener completes this dramatic and vivid work of art.

Poses from PosESion


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