-Bravura`s Official opening of the Seven Wishes Mall-

Welcome to the Official opening of the Seven Wishes Mall.

The very Smart, Fabulous and Chic Seven Wishes Plaza celebrates their opening today. Over the next four days [3rd October to 6th October] all merchants sim wide, will be offering 50% off their shelf prices. There is so much to see and buy, both for Him and for Her!

BRAVURA! Homme chose this sim to base their flagship shop. The reason was very simple really. The level of sim management and element of shear professionalism was clearly evident as well as the very careful selection of merchants, all who strive to give their customers top class and quality merchandise.

Not only are BRAVURA! Homme offering 50%, they are also awarding their existing group members a L$250 store credit and will be waiving their small Group Joining fee [L$100] during the celebration. They have also set out a selection of Group Exclusives for their clients.

It is truly time to “Shop till you drop” at these amazing offers!

Best wishes,
Marty Dalglish

Click here to Shop till you drop


7 Wishes Plaza Grand Opening Poster


A little about us…

Bravura! simply means, Exceptional, Brilliant, Dazzling, Outstanding 🙂

Colour and Style trends move fast and furious in real life and so they should in SL as well! It is our aim to do our best to keep our customers up to date with the “Seasons” as found in the great fashion houses in Paris, Milan, and London.

JOIN our group and you will benefit from:
* Each Calendar Month a free gift!
* Rewarded by a store credit – 20% on every purchase!
* From time to time 50% off on 24 hour sales!
* Superb service!

Please note: ALL our products are MESH and you may have to update your viewer to see them properly. We do not offer refunds for any items purchased at BRAVURA! PLEASE try the DEMO before you buy.

If there is any further information you may require, please IM me. I receive all IM’s by Email so yours will not be lost. You may have to wait 24 to 48 hours for a reply from me, however you WILL get one 🙂

To join our group, Paste this link into your local Chat and click on the link shown in chat – secondlife:///app/group/fe7efe23-de5f-7719-6e16-ebc9e4da7edf/about

Best wishes and happy shopping.
Marty Dalglish
Bravura CEO



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