The Fashion Forward 2012


The Fashion Forward 2012
The Fashion Foward is a fashion event created to bring together the best designers of the fashion industry in Second Life in a big FASHION DAY, Which Will bring together the largest and most prominent models of GRID and Differentiated Therefore the public and tasteful. The major goal of this event is to bring together designers and Their creations in four-day event to showcase Their collections at The Fashion Forward Show, Which will happen throughout the day at different times.

Fair promotional – 3th December to 10th December (A week with stands of Specialists designers, the exhibition will last until a week after the end of the event).

While all models and celebrities pass through the event, press officers are on the run and making the event happen Mainly Appear on blogs and sites .. In this first edition, who is leading this work is the agency HOUSE OF MODELS, who Besides taking care of all the care That the event is a success, will take care of all Also the brands Specialists in the event.


Please contact Pelu Venom to acquire group access to island

Mohna Lisa Couture SIRIUS

Mohna Lisa Couture ” where Elegance has a new meaning”
Just Arrived for Gents!

MLC Sirius , A unique blend of Vintage, with a touch of Goth, Steam punk.. .. This outfit reflects the strength, and Elegance of old world manor class.. with a fashionable modern twist..
A ton of options, a ton of looks for any formal occasion


MLC Sirius
A choice of two Formal ties Black and white
A choice of two Silk Scarves with detailed Jeweled pin
Suit comes with separate pants, jacket and vest
Gloves and Top Hat
Elegant fur lined cloak with detailed Jeweled pin
Shoes and socks
Steam punk styled shades with jewels
Sculpt Jacket Bottom

Buy it here: Mohna Lisa Couture