➤ PiXeL ICON and PXLi Magazine (May/2012)
✉ Please contact Sessie16 for more information.
➤ EGOISME Models (May/2012)
✉ Please contact Ramses Meredith for more information
➤ MANIERA Model Division (April/2012)
✉ Please contact Katherine Comet for more information.
➤ Pipin Couture (Feb/2012)
✉ Please contact Aphrodite.Brianna for more information.
➤ Le Fleurs Du Mal (Feb/2012)
✉ Please contact Jexika Lyter for more information.
➤ Siren Produktion (Jan/2012)
✉ Please contact Lexie Jansma or Temptress Fhang for more information.
➤ Opium Evolution Modeling Agency (Jan/2012)
✉ Please contact Anastacia Markova for more information.
➤ PoBa Models Agency (Jan/2012)
✉ Please contact Paaulo Denfu for more information.
➤ .:::BEAUTY POSH MODELS:::.(Dec/2011)
✉ Please contact Lacubana.Lisa for more information.

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