CHAMPAGNE! sparkling couture’s new release, “GATSBY,” explores the gentlemen, the ladies man, and lover !
Inspired by male fashion from the book written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, which evolved into cinema, ‘The Great Gatsby’, true to form, personifies the decadence, idealism, and excess, of the 20’s. Ultimately, this decadence and passion, led to the creation of the Jazz Age, which had a strong impact on fashion and style that has been timeless, and can be found in many aspects of design today.

Enzo - Gatsby_102

Suit: CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture – (C)GATSBY Green

Hair: [Iruco]hair26

Earrings : Chop Zuey – The Final Judgment Mens Earrings

Poses: *PosESioN* Special Offer (Low Price)

Enzo - Gatsby_104

This fitting and handsome mesh suit “GATSBY” includes the collar, jacket, pants, shirt, socks, vests and even shoes! Several color variations available that range from grey, pink, ivory, green, and blue, allow you to mix and match, to maximize and showcase your own style.  Packed with options, this smart and sexy look screams CHAMPAGNE! sparkling couture.  Come see for yourself! Mesh demo, can be found at the CHAMPAGNE! sparkling couture location.

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Enzo - Gatsby_107


Easter Champagne Brunch

Are you looking for the perfect Easter outfit? Champagne Sparkling Couture has the solution for you with the release of EASTER BOY!

Enzo - (C)EASTER Boy Blue

EASTER BOY gives you a pair of sexy trunks with a cute little bunny appliqué (in your choice of pink, orange, yellow, or blue) and with 5 carrots stuck in the waistband – ready to be plucked!

You also get an adorable white Easter Bunny mask with its little nose and the twinkling gems inside of its ears colored to match the trunks.

This one is flirty and fun! Put on your Easter bonnet, grab your basket, and hop on over to Champagne Sparkling Couture to pick up EASTER BOY or EASTER GIRL. Happy Easter!

Suit: CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture – (C)EASTER Boy Blue

Hair: “LoQ Hairs” –  Grappa Cellini – Jet Black

Skin : EGOISME – JUSTIN  Medium

Beard: EGOISME skin addons Beard 4 and Beard H

Pose: *PosESioN* Raven Set

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Are you a man who is strong, a leader, secure with who he is, and wants to look the part? Then MONARCH is the suit you want to wear!

CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture is proud to release MONARCH smart, black formal attire with a pop of color and details that will bring attention to you instantly!

Champagne Monarch

Suit: CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture – (C)MONARCH – Red

Shoes: [Sartoria]  Montecarlo Shoes – Black

Hair: Amacci Hair Seth ~ Black Coal

Beard: EGOISME skin addons Beard 4 and Beard H

Champagne Monarch

A man can never have too many great looking suits in his wardrobe, and MONARCH is a must-have addition!

You choose the color of the vest and matching pocket square. MONARCH comes in your choice of Blue, Honey, Purple, and Red.

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Calling all Fearless Fashionistas!  All Hallow’s Eve is upon us once again and CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture is releasing the perfect costume for all your Halloween events:  EVIL!

No devil can be seen around the grid without a pitchfork and one is provided with EVIL, as well as hooved legs to complete this goulishly glamorous costume.

The men’s version of EVIL matches the ladies’ version but there are differences. The boy’s version contains red nipple covers with rings and a cup supporter consisting of a large devil’s head with sparkling horns. Hot, hot, hot!

We love our tricks and our treats at Halloween, but don’t let this treat get away from you!  Head to CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture and get EVIL while it’s HOT!!

TOW Tolerance is the only way 6th

We’re proud to announce a great charity event,  founded by Shena Neox  “Tolerance is the only way”  The Tolerance Fair will open from MondayOctober 15, 2012 at 10:00 am SLT   “Tolerance is the only way” is the project that wants to bring tolerance and fight homophobia, which is one of the biggest problems in our society.   The best designers  have  joined us in this project.

 If you want to know more about this project you can get all the info by clicking the link below


Here you can see some of the awesome items that you can purchase for this cause:


Clothing: Enzo Champagne – CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture – (C)PROUD

Skin: Ramses Meredith – Egoisme – Davide

Pose: Hadaluna Daines – .::MORPHINE::. – .::MS::. Open Your Heart

Dressed To Kill

Dressed To Kill – CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture – MATADOR

The very essence of prowess is found in the matador. He who is brave, fearless and with complete courage to face anything. The ‘Matador’ by Enzo Champagne of Champagne Sparkling Couture is an ensemble that will make you feel truely powerful and bold as you present your style, technique, and courage! This authentically daring ensemble is ornately embroidered and jeweled and will leave no doubt as to who is in charge!

Matador Silvano Korobase is seen here styled in vivid red — the color that every bull is instinctively attracted to — has never been so beautifully utilized as in this ensemble. A traditional pristine white shirt with collar (camisa) and black tie (corbatín), lies under a brilliant red jacket (chaquetilla), with magnificently floral embroidered long sleeves. Matching embroidery is continued throughout the jacket, flowing down each sleeve. The jacket is also embellished with red and gold jeweled cuffs and with tiny white satin ball fringe detail at the edges. Over the jacket is a take-your-breath-away bolero vest, the focal point of this outfit, adorned and covered with red and gold jewels, tassles, embroidery, and white satin ball fringe.

Because of the decorations and elaborateness of the ensemble, the Spanish call the toreador’s outfit as traje de luces, meaning the “suit of lights”. Though undoubtedly flamboyant, matador costume structure provides great ease of movement. These trajes are based on the flamboyant costumes of the 18th century dandies and showmen involved in tauromachia, which later became exclusive to the bullfighting ritual. Later adornments include the montera hat, elaborate embroidery and decorative accessories. The cropped red pants continue the ornate floral embroidery stripes on each side, as well as matching jeweled cuffs at the calf of the leg. Included is a lavish hand-held red cape (capote de paseo) with gold interior bar that will keep any bull at bay! Bright fuscia leggings (taleguilla/medias) and black slippers (zapatillas) with matching jeweled embellishments are also provided.

The traditional hat (montera) usually worn by the matador has been restyled by Enzo Champagne for this ensemle to offer a final “Wow”. A jeweled horn head piece is made of pure gold and decorated with red and gold jewels to distinctively show everyone who the winner is — exquisite! Gentlemen, hurry to CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture where MATADOR is waiting for you!


Clothing: CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture – MATADOR
Skin: Ramses Meredith – Egoisme
Pose: PosESion – Vintage Male Set

Theatre mood

BAROQUE is the latest release for the gents from CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture and this outfit sets the tone for a sumptuous feast of decadent fabrics and intricate embellishments!

First introduced at the 2012 Mister Virtual World Pageant for the formal costume of Miko Scorpio Mister Greece, BAROQUE can now be yours — and the possibilities you will have with this stunning couture are many!

BAROQUE comes to you in your choice of Beige or White, and both are the perfect choice for that formal occasion, whether it be a wedding, a ball, or an event where you want to be noticed!

Authentically rich textures provide the perfect background for the entire look.  Your celebration of spirtuality and opulence begins with the shirt and gorgeous long jacket with gloriously detailed accompaniments.   A high-collared, button-down shirt is worn under the luxuriously textured jacket.  Your eyes are drawn to the bow tie with a twinkling center which hugs the shirt collar.  The jacket is further detailed with a decorative toggle fastener and buttoned prim cuffs.

Yards of sheer organza lie on top of two magnificent shoulder pieces cascade down both the front and back. A separate impressively bold collar piece with a beautiful front satin fabric cradles your head and fits just inside the shoulder pieces. And we are not done yet!

The trousers are form fitting with lower prim pieces, pocket detail, and, of course, made of the same lavishly textured fabric. A matching belt with ornate toggle fastener completes this dramatic and vivid work of art.

Poses from PosESion


was the first come in my mind as i saw this new outfit from talented Enzo Champagne and i got the honor to blog this.

CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture releases PEGASUS ! A beautifully crafted costume depicting the divine winged horse that is one of the best known mythological creatures in Greek mythology.

The Myth of Pegasus is one that is recognized universally.  The winged horse always spreads inspiration wherever he travels.  Now you can own PEGASUS.  Pick yours up today at CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture and create your own inspiration!

Outfit: PEGASUS-Mister GREECE VW 2012 NATIONAL COSTUME from CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture

Jewelry: Chop Zuey – Chop Zuey No. 6 Slv Men’s Cuff Bracelet and Ring

Poses: *PosESioN* Glam Male Set





Mariachi!!!! It is not only the music,

it is not only the name given to the music, the musicians or the band and orchestras that play the instruments, it is a form of art, deriving from all of those things combined and translated into best known form of folk music of Mexico. It is the National Costume of Mr. Virtual World Mexico, Mr. Sothis Sirius, and NOW it is the Newest Release available to you from CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture





Inspired by the famous post-war screen and operetta sensation, Luis Mariano, MEXICAN MARIACHI brings the vivacity of the sounds to life in this finely decorated costume. The fitted all white pant suit and tailored short jacket is embellished with rich gold of the embroidery and prim gold trimming. The white trimmed ruffles of the top, adorn the chest from the tie to belt. The cinched red and gold belt and matching red satin bow add vibrance to this vintage piece. The outfit is completed with a matching, finely detailed sombrero and complimented with a colorful, hanging fringe sash.



You can hear the music in the background playing while your beautiful seniorita awaits your hand in a dance she won’t forget.


IGOROT by CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture

The word Igorot means “mountain people”. Situated on the western fringes of the Pacific Ring of Fire, the Philippines experiences frequent seismic and volcanic activity. You may even feel the earth rumble under your feet wearing this bold creation made especially for Mister Virtual World Phillipines – eLJhay Denver.



The colors of the phillipine flag are represented throughout this amazing costume. The blue bar across the top of the flag, represents peace, truth and prosperity, and is predominately displayed in the feathers of the headpeace. The red stripe of the flag which is symbolized along with the blue stripes, in the “bahag” and headband is unique to this flag. During times of war the flag is inverted so that the red stripe is on top and the blue is on bottom. The red stands for patriotism and valor. The yellow rays symbolized in the accenting feathers of the headpeace represent the first 8 provinces to proclaim and fight for freedom. The “bahag” (loincloth) is embelished with a detailed pearly chain.





The design is completed with the matching arm and leg cuff, each ornamented with feathers to match the headpiece. The cultural look is all brought together with the tribal neckpiece.

Wood shield and spear included!

Take the limo to CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture where you can own IGOROT today!

Outfit: CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture – IGOROT

Hair: Dura – *Dura-Boy20*(Black)