Berlin Alexanderplatz

He steps off the train and makes his way through the station, walking quickly. All eyes are upon him, this man…
this well dressed mystery man. He walks with purpose… searching the crowd, and suddenly he stops. For a moment he
is still as his eyes find you. He inhales deeply on his cigar and the air fills with an intoxicating aroma that
brings a warm smile to your face. Locking eyes, he walks to you… slowly… and embraces you. His lips touch your
ear softly. You feel the warmth of his breath caress your neck and he whispers to you. “It’s in the suitcase”. You
smile softly, forgetting the goosebumps on your flesh and how you have pressed into him. Looking up you say to him;
“Amazing suit, where did you get it”? He stops, grins at you, and through striking a series of “Vogue” poses you
both laugh and he shares his tale.

“I went to Tres Beau and met with the owner; Kimmera Madison. We had a such a good time… she is a cut up. Kimmera
showed me several things and then she told me she had been saving one special suit and showed me this this. She
calls this the ‘Andrew’. As soon as I saw it I wanted it. I aksed to try it on and she let me. I just have not taken
it off since I put it on. I mean look at it, who would not want to be seen in this? I love the grey colors… the
houndstooth prints and look in the detail of the jacket. Can you see the subtle plaid in the background of the
print? Amazing details like this are in all of her designs and that’s why she has secured herself a spot as one of
Second Life’s top designers”.

You tell him; “I love the single breasted notch lapel on the jacket, and the grey flannel trousers and hat are a
nice addition. The shirt and tie just make the outfit. Kimmera has become a fashion plate, and YOU Mr. Korobase look
very handsome in her designs”. He tells you “Let’s go home now, I have a suprise for you in the suitcase that I got
you while I was at Tres Beau getting this suit”. You grin at one another and turn to leave the station as you reach
up, take the cigar from his lips and take a long deep drag off of it yourself. Arm in arm you venture on.


Clothing: Kimmera Madison – Tres Beau
Suitcase: DIGS Furniture & Prefabs – Milton Luggage
Skin & Goatee: Ramses Meredith – Egoisme
Pose: PosESion – Vintage Male Set