About My Blog

How you can become featured in my Blog.

I have blogged a wide variety of items relating to fashion in SL. Many designers send me new and old items to blog for them, If you would like me to review your item(s), simply drop them to me in a folder along with a your business logo pic and landmark. I do my best to do a at least 3 blogs per week. I do have a schedule and will post you the next available date that I can blog your item if I decide to feature and review it. Please understand that I schedule these blogs so do not be offended if you are asked to wait a week to have your item(s) featured. Your item(s) will appear in my blog and on my flickr. It is a process but the results are phenomenal. If you have any questions, needs or concerns please send me a notecard as my messages are capped daily. ~ Silvano Korobase

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